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Programs & Services

Help Building a Brighter Future for Young People, their Families and our Communities. 

We offer a range of Programs and Services that cater to the unique needs of single-parent families.

Raised Academy

Curated Career Certification tracks are offered for young adult children, with or without a high school diploma, including development planning and training opportunities, scholarships, and entrepreneurial grants. Partnerships complement these initiatives with Fortune 1000 and local companies that offer funding and job placement support. 

Project 33&3

Single parents and their preschool-aged children with qualifying financial needs are offered housing and childcare programs that help to support and enable parents to pursue long-term job stability and career growth opportunities. 


Springboard is a unique Grants and Scholarship program designed to support young adults in achieving higher goals.

Money Matters

Empowering Teens and Young Adults with Essential Financial Literacy Skills to Help them Thrive and Rise.

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