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Raised Academy

Curated Career Certification Courses designed to help young people discover their path in life and get ahead.

  • Raised Academy is a quarterly program that accepts applications from young adults between the ages of 15-21 who were raised by a single parent.

  • Our programs offers a range of curated career certification courses designed to provide select participants with valuable job-related skills and knowledge.

  • To help guide their course selection, select participants are encouraged to take a free personality assessment test provided by Raised Academy. This test assesses the individual's personality type and interests, enabling them to choose courses that align with their strengths and career goals.

  • Raised Academy accepts applicants from all over the United States, and the courses are offered online to accommodate diverse schedules and lifestyles. Through this program, Raised Academy is committed to empowering young adults from single-parent families with the tools and skills necessary to achieve long-term success in their careers.

    *For selected applications who have not to received a high school diploma, RAISED will support you in taking a GED exam prior to beginning a Raised Academy Career Certification Course

    Cohort 1 - Starts May 15, 2023

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